Judicial valuations and expertise

Antikvitete Lipovec

If you are in doubt about the age (when and in what style it was made, use of tree species, structural features, materials , wood processing,..), origin and value, when selling, buying, inheriting, securing… antique furniture and other objects of applied art, you can contact us.

Forensic appraiser and expert for applied art – furniture, Tomaž Lipovec, will, based on the inspection of your items, make an appraisal or expert opinion.

Or we can do a distance valuation”. Send photos of the items to info@antika-lipovec.si. After paying for the valuation opinion , in the amount of EUR 36.60 (22% VAT is included in the price), to the transaction account number: SI56 0400 1005 0175 567, you will receive an evaluation opinion to your email address within 3 days. The price is valid for the evaluation of up to 3 objects. A “distance” valuation is not an official valuation. A viewing of the items is required for an official appraisal and written opinion.